Young Birmingham based artists produce free, two day festival - 29-30 March

Wed 26 March 2014

Brought together by mac birmingham’s Cannon Hill Collective programme, sixteen 16–24 year old artists have joined forces to create What’s The Agenda? — a two day festival fuelled by a united desire to incite social change through artistic forms. The festival will focus on three of the many important issues facing today’s society ­— loneliness, sexual objectification and identity. What’s The Agenda? is open to the general public from Saturday 29 March to Sunday 30 March, 2pm–9pm, with the official launch taking place on Friday 28 March, 6pm–9pm.

Working with world-renowned theatre practitioners Stan’s Cafe and Creative Producers Amy Martin and Alex McCorkindale, the Cannon Hill Collective have planned, created and marketed the festival for members of the public as well as their peers. The diverse range of artistic and cultural backgrounds within the Cannon Hill Collective is reflected in the eclectic programming of the event, which will explore pressing social issues using mediums such as film, spoken word, photography and visual arts. What’s The Agenda? will invite audience members to watch, engage and contribute to the varied programme of performances, workshops and installations. Attendees will also be encouraged to pledge their commitment to social change, both online and offline.

Bare Bones, an evening of thought provoking spoken word performances headlined by Zia Ahmed, and DB84SC, a post-show debate, will draw the festival to a close. Unpicking the issues explored throughout What's The Agenda?, the DB84SC debate panel will feature speakers identified by the Cannon Hill Collective as being notable in specific subject areas. The panel is set to include Jodi Ann Bickley, who will represent the theme of loneliness, and Vanley Burke, who will speak on heritage and identity.

Cannon Hill Collective member, Hayley Frances, said: “Seeing the occupy transform has been so exciting. This is going to be a completely new experience compared to anything anyone has ever experienced before”.