Cannon Hill Lectures

The Cannon Hill Lectures (CHL) was a new project for 2013, born from the need for young people to be able to access information about the creative industries. The sessions aimed to de-mystify the creative and cultural sector and help young people to find their route in, whether as an employee, freelancer or as an entrepreneur. Working in partnership with independent producer Amy Rozel Martin, mac has delivered 15 lectures to over 300 young people across the West Midlands.

Across two series spanning summer and autumn 2013, the lectures shared case studies and tips from successful creative entrepreneurs, arming attendees with the skills they need to succeed. Speakers included John Berkavich, Helga Henry, Ian Francis and Jodi Ann Bickley to name but a few, sharing insights into a variety of topics close to their hearts and creative practices.

The first series covered some of the fundamental elements of becoming a creative professional, such as finding funding, self-promotion and the importance of collaboration and networking. The second set of lectures built upon this further, with sessions on how to set goals, grow ideas, inspire others and futureproof your practice.

CHL has helped shape the creative ideas of young people and explore how to make them work; signposting to exciting opportunities and providing the support they need to obtain them. The programme has now evolved into the Creative How To series, continuing to empower young people and help them become a totally awesome creative boss.

Every time I attend a Cannon Hill Lecture I ALWAYS come away with something new & inspiring. So worthwhile.

Cannon Hill Lectures Attendee

The Cannon Hill Lectures series was brilliant! My university could definitely benefit from lectures like this!

Cannon Hill Lectures Attendee

Truly inspiring & informative talks. I feel equipped practically & mentally for some bloomin' great artistic adventures!

Cannon Hill Lectures Attendee