One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

Illustrated Brum & mac birmingham are working together to collect creative, cultural and social engagements in the form of welcomes, inviting submissions from people across the city and beyond – and that means you!

Welcomes can take the form of a recommendation, invitation or interesting provocation; any means of sharing something with others. Please think openly about how to capture and communicate your welcomes. As Illustrated Brum centres on collecting visual anecdotes this could be through any medium, including but not limited to drawing, photography, poetry, prose, artefacts (both collected and constructed), film, sound, or performance.

All submissions* will be counted towards their One Hundred Thousand Welcomes target, informing an exhibition and season of events at mac birmingham, as well as being documented as part of their online archive at

The project is open to anyone who has a relationship with Birmingham or is interested in creating one, as sometimes a welcome back can be just as important as an initial hello, and sometimes it takes the eyes of others to show us the marvellous things that lie right under our noses.  

To get involved you can visit the One Hundred Thousand Welcomes project space here at mac, get in touch via or follow the campaign on facebook.

* Please note that we are unable to display physical submissions within the Cinema Corridor Gallery space at mac birmingham. All submissions will be documented and presented as part of a digital archive for exhibition. Any content deemed inappropriate or offensive may be omitted at the discretion of the artists and mac birmingham.