Sustainable MAC


Catering: Local & Sustainable

We sell reusable coffee cups in MAC Shop, and offer a discount on hot drinks if you use one.

Nearly all of our disposables are now plant-based from Vegware™, made from renewable materials. This means our cups, lids and straws are completely compostable. Putting them in the correct bin in MAC Café means we can get these sent off to be composted and converted to biogas and fertiliser.

Our sandwich packaging has moved away from plastic to cardboard packaging, which is easier to recycle.

Our used coffee grounds are available to customers to use as a garden fertiliser. Please pick up a bag or two from MAC Café. 

We are proud to serve products sourced from our local community wherever possible, and have changed suppliers of alcohol, coffee and disposables from large organisations to smaller local companies – reducing emissions from transportation.

Suppliers include Pip's Hot Sauce, Peel and Stone Bakery, AW Lashford and Sons and Northern Bloc

MAC is proud to offer a variety of Fairtrade® products including coffees, teas and chocolate. We only use free-range eggs.


Last year MAC recycled over 7.5 tonnes of cardboard!

We recycle used cooking oil, and in the last 12 months this has contributed to a greenhouse gas emission reduction of 4740kg.

We recycle batteries; the battery recycling container can be found behind the Sales & Information desk.

We have recently started separating food waste from our kitchen. Since February 2018, 600kg of food waste has been sent to anaerobic digestion.

Our general waste is sorted at a recycling plant and non-recyclable waste is used as refuse-derived fuel. Zero goes to landfill.