Sustainable MAC

Our Goals and What We're Doing


1. To fully understand, monitor and control our environmental impacts and carbon footprint.

2. To create an Environmental Action Plan which tracks and measures these performances

3. To form a committed Green Group which meets quarterly at a minimum, where our performance is reviewed, appraised and future plans are evolved

4. To respond proactively to new legislation and find new approaches to sustainable models of work

5. To working collaboratively with other relevant organisations, sharing our performance and experience with transparency

6. To save money, which will then be re-invested into our work as a not-for-profit charity

7. Share this work with our stakeholders including visitors, staff, board and supporters.

How We’re Going to Meet our Aims

1. Participate in, and achieve the following levels in external accreditation schemes or award nominations

a. Industry Green accreditation
b. Birmingham Sustainability Awards

2. Communicate our aims and impacts to staff and visitors using our green display in the public spaces, and digitally with a green group blog on our website.

3. Achieve a year on year reduction (target of 5% per annum) in our utilities consumption, when measured against our footfall levels. We will use Julie’s Bicycle to monitor this.

4. Share our learning and performance through active membership through the following networks

a. Sustainability WM
b. WM Green Network

5. Implement green procurements policies, encouraging suppliers and visiting artists to improve their sustainability performance particularly in relation to energy and resource use

6. Form an active group with our neighbouring venues to look at better use of shared resources. Propose the formation of a Birmingham Arts Partnership (BAP) Green Group.

Staff Engagement

During 2018/19 we held two initiatives for staff engagement: 

  • The Plastic Free Lunch Challenge - MAC staff were asked to avoid single-use plastic for every meal they brought into work
  • Energy Week involved a quiz and top tips for staff to consider how they use energy throughout the building and the little changes they can make to avoid energy waste. 

Since then, we have continued to maintain this staff engagement. 

  • Green Champions - Each department in MAC's office shares a member of MAC's Green Champions. The Green Champions group has since been reformed and is now reenergised with engaged participants from all areas of the organisation. We now have a board member as part of the group alongside representatives from Senior Management
  • Green Champions Blog - From 2021 we will be releasing a monthly Green Champions blog for members of staff to read, to see how we're keeping green around MAC's building and how they can too.
  • Travel to Work Survey - This year our Head of Technical Resources, Lizzie Moran, conducted a survey for MAC staff to complete on how they travel to work. This helps to remind MAC staff to consider how they travel to work and its impact on the environment. 

MAC also encourages visitors to consider how they travel to MAC.

Modeshift STARS

We have recently been awarded our Bronze level accreditation from Modeshift Stars

'Modeshift STARS is the Centre of Excellence for the delivery of Effective Travel Plans in Education, Business and Community settings. The scheme recognises schools, businesses and other organisations that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable and active travel.'

As part of our accreditation, we generated an extensive travel plan that follows:


  • To increase awareness of sustainable travel amongst audiences, and reduce car use amongst staff.


  • Publicise alternative methods of travel.
  • Increase active travel.
  • Build a network with local transport organisations.


  • Reduce staff travelling to work alone by car by 10%. Set a car sharing scheme.

Sustainability West Midlands

We recently entered a competition to win a year’s membership to Sustainability West Midlands and... we won! 

We’re looking forward to working with them over the next year.