What We Do

Artistic Vision & Approach

Artists and their relationship with audiences stand at the heart of the arts programme MAC wishes to foster and facilitate, and in so doing, create a resource at the centre of arts development in Birmingham, the West Midlands and beyond. 

The programme will place a particular focus on work which explores new ground and adopts inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary approaches across a range of art forms and the meeting points in-between.

We will achieve this through supporting, facilitating, commissioning and producing the work of emerging and mid career artists, including those within our Next Generation initiative which recognises young people/adults as artists, producers, presenters, promoters and consumers.

We remain committed to exploring new approaches which embrace multiple voices within our programmes, including an evolving range of Associate Artists/Producers and Curators, in order to create, produce and curate activities within and between different media and the performing and visual arts. 

Our approach seeks to stimulate and promote conversations and interfaces across audiences, participants and the wider artistic community. In addition, we are committed through our Marketplace strand to maximising retail and sales opportunities for artists at mac and elsewhere.

The programme will be delivered through three overarching and overlapping strands: