What We Do

Objectives & Strategies


MAC's principal objectives are to encourage as many people as possible to:

  • explore, examine and enjoy the arts activities of others;
  • participate in and undertake their own arts activities.


MAC seeks to achieve these objectives by:

  • using its ethos to promote an adventurous, expressive, and approachable programme of arts events and activities;
  • developing intercultural projects which increase people’s enjoyment and understanding of their own and different cultures;
  • encouraging and facilitating the development of people’s own creativity, knowledge and skills;
  • providing creative projects and activities for children and young people;
  • increasing the numbers and range of mac’s existing users;
  • deepening the impact of mac’s work through community outreach, and regional and national touring;
  • offering support, opportunities and practical help to artists to develop their work and careers;
  • building on established partnerships with other arts organisations, community groups and agencies, and developing new ones;
  • working in partnership with schools, cultural organisations, agencies, public bodies and the non-arts sector to develop programmes for particular target groups;
  • becoming the natural hub for artists making new and contemporary work in the city, and create opportunities for artist development;
  • providing access to arts projects and programmes to as many people as possible including those with fewer resources and opportunities;
  • ensuring the highest possible quality of work.