Arts Team

To email mac staff use
To call direct phone lines use 0121 446 3 followed by the extension number.

Deborah Kermode
Chief Executive and Artistic Director
ext. 253

Josephine Reichert
Productions Manager
ext. 223

Jessica Litherland
Producer – Visual Arts & Media
ext. 224

If you'd like to submit a Visual Arts proposal please read these Submission Guidelines.

Currently Recruiting
Producer - Performing Arts
ext. 221
If you'd like to submit a programming proposal please read these Submission Guidelines

Claire Marshall
Creative and Partnerships Director
ext. 227

Vinita Simon
Learning and Participation Manager
ext 220

For any specific learning enquiries, please email:

Daniel Whitehouse
Producer – Next Generation
ext. 225

Sandra Taylor
Project Manager – mac makes music
ext. 222

Holly Radford
Administrator - mac makes music
ext 222

Ian Sergeant
Cinema Producer
ext 243