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Customer Services Team

Contact MAC staff at - stating the department in the subject header.
To call direct phone lines use 0121 446 3 followed by the extention number.

If you have a specific request, you may find it easier to fill in our contact form.

Get in touch by emailing, or call us on 0121 446 3250.

Damien Vincent
Head of Customer Services: 
ext. 246

Matt Jukes
Sales Systems Administrator: ext. 212

Joanne Deakin
Joseph Stogdale
Timothy Scotson
Customer Service Team Leaders: ext. 250

Cody Barbour
Smilte Dilunaite
Lara Sprosen
Kayleigh Kennedy
Maree Munn
Hailey Brown
Matthew Keogh
Customer Service Assistants: ext. 232

Rebecca Knight
Retail Manager
ext. 228