About A Touch Of Eastern Promise + Black Christmas

The career of Tara Prem, one of the first Asian people to work in mainstream British TV, spans three decades. Her vitally important work at Pebble Mill supported stories of under-represented people in Britain, working with writers such as Michael Abbensetts and actors Norman Beaton and Dev Sagoo.

We are delighted to welcome Tara to the Square Eyes TV Festival to discuss her incredible work, much of it made right here in Birmingham, beginning with two dramas from the 1970s.

A Touch Of Eastern Promise (1973)
30 mins
A young Indian boy who dreams of film stars sees his favourite actress come to Birmingham. Written by Tara Prem, this was one of the first British TV productions to feature an entirely Asian cast.

Black Christmas (1976)
60 mins
As Christmas approaches, Gertrude gathers her family around her, but the perfect Christmas Day that she dreams of seems destined to turn to disaster. Written by Michael Abbensetts and directed by Stephen Frears.