Two young children (a boy and a girl) stand in a snowy forest wearing disturbing masks, looking directly at the camera.

About Disability On Film: Black Sun

In 1978, Hugues de Montalembert, a French filmmaker and painter was attacked and blinded by a mugger in New York.

Black Sun is a meditation on this life-changing assault featuring Hugues’ poetic narration. Abstract cinematography recaptures the transition from focused images to blurred gradients of colour. Colour drains, distorts, inverts and light dissolves and disappears altogether at times.

Hugue muses on disability, what it means to be a visual artist and his later addiction to travelling the world as a blind man.

Disability on film (DOF)

This screening forms part of a season of films from our Expanding The Frame initiative, which look at how disabled people have been portrayed on screen.

The season is co-curated by Conor O’Donovan, a guest programmer with lived experience of disability who is keen to get audiences to think beyond the usual tropes of how disability is presented in film and television.

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