Caligula (Malcolm McDowell) looks into the camera as he holds the head of his wife (Helen Mirren), who lies back with her eyes closed and arms outstretched. Both are dressed in Roman garb.

About Caligula: The Ultimate Cut

43 years after the 1980 release of the notorious Roman Empire spectacle Caligula, producer and reconstructionist Thomas Negovan has realized the creators’ original vision with Caligula: The Ultimate Cut, a version comprised of entirely never-before-seen footage shot in 1976 and a new animated opening sequence by Dave McKean and a new (synth-heavy) score by Troy Sterling Ties.

Shadowed by the murder of his entire family, the young, wary Caligula (Malcolm McDowell) eliminates his devious adoptive grandfather (Peter O'Toole) and seizes control of the declining Roman Empire, descending into a spiral of depravity, destruction, and madness.

A treatise on the corrupting influence of power, this extensive reconstruction reveals the complete performances of McDowell and Helen Mirren as the promiscuous 'Caesonia', whose role is greatly expanded from less than 20 minutes to almost an hour onscreen.

The screening on Saturday 24th August will be introduced by film academic Ed Jackson. Both screenings include a ten minute intermission.

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