About Caribbean IFF: Forward Ever

The Caribbean International Film Fest continues with four thought-provoking tales of opportunity and resilience.

Ti Toya - (Haiti)
Director: Michel Dessources Jr
10 mins
When a stranger crosses the path of Ti Toya, a young country girl, he wishes to take advantage of her as easy prey. However, he quickly learns there is more to someone than meets the eye.

Homecoming Poetry Video (Jamaica/UK)
Director: J Chambers, Aongola Victor Simuyemba
2 mins
Homecoming is part of a viewer audio visual album exploring the filmmaker’s relationship with his Caribbean heritage, simultaneously documenting and examining the surge of feelings awakened upon returning to Jamaica as an adult.

Zanmi (Martinique)
Director: Nadia Charlery
10 mins
A New Year's Eve party in Martinique involving friends and champagne lead to an innocent game, unexpected reactions and questioned relationships. Between good-natured teasing and rising tensions, who will still be at the table to hear the twelve strokes of midnight?

My Maxi (Trinidad and Tobago)
Director: Andrei Pierre
4 mins

How (Not) to Build a School in Haiti
Director: Jack C. Newell
90 mins
Development, history and colonialism collide when a seemingly simple aid project spirals out of control in Haiti. When a headstrong American clashes with a Haitian leader it forces a reckoning on privilege and power.