About Caribbean IFF: Thicker Than Water

Strength and vulnerability are intertwined in this collection of emotive films - all representing the English speaking Caribbean.

DreDan Daughter (Barbados)
Director: Déandra Grace Daniel
3 mins
After years of estrangement, filmmaker Déandra Daniel chronicles her reunion with her father.

The Nod: Tell Me You Got Me (Jamaica/UK)
Director: Richard Ampeh
6 mins
The Nod – Tell Me You Got Me is an ode to the nod exchanged between Black males and its significance in the building of unity and brotherhood, exploring what it means and why it is important to Black males in modern day Britain.

Douen (Trinidad and Tobago)
Director: Riyadh Rahaman
15 mins
Steven’s family is puzzled when his little sister mysteriously goes missing without a trace, until circumstances begin to link the disappearance with the old Trinidad folklore tale of the Douen. With time running out, Steven must face daunting risks in hopes of the safe return of his sister.

Time to Go (Jamaica)
Director: Gemma McFarlane
Reality begins to unravel for Hyacinth when a woman claiming to be her daughter arrives at her doorstep on her wedding anniversary.

Green Days By the River (Trinidad and Tobago)
Director: Michael Mooleedhar
42 mins
In this Caribbean coming-of-age classic featuring a lush sense of place and vivid, beautiful cinematography, Shellie’s poor but closely knit family relocates to a new village in Trinidad and Tobago. With his father seriously ill, Shellie acquires a surrogate father-figure in a wealthy plantation-owner and, with love looming, finds himself having to make unexpected and difficult decisions.