About Carry On Up The ‘Scope!

This year’s Square Eyes festival has something of a British comedy bent to it (oo-er, missus!) and for good or bad, you really can’t talk about British comedy without tackling the Carry On franchise.

TV archivists Kaleidoscope will once again be getting their hands absolutely filthy as they dig up a collection of rarities and obscurities that saw Carry On plastered across the gogglebox, including a Carry On Laughing Christmas special from 1983, the final on screen appearance of Carry On legend Hattie Jacques in ITV’s Play It Again and an episode of BBC kids’ show Star Turn Challenge. Carry On historians Ian Fryer and Steven Gerrard will also be on hand to wax lyrical about a franchise that’s still as filthy and funny as ever.

Your gast will be positively flabbered!