About Death To Smoochy

Dark comedies don’t come much darker than Death To Smoochy, Danny DeVito’s utterly insane 2002 feature about a children’s TV presenter who plots the murder of his replacement.

Robin Williams stars as Randolph Smiley, the alcoholic host of a popular kids show who finds himself replaced by squeaky-clean Sheldon Mopes (Edward Norton), a do-gooder who dresses as a lovable purple rhino called Smoochy. Much to Randolph’s anger, The Smoochy Show is a huge hit, so he sets out on an unrelenting smear campaign that will end with numerous dead bodies.

Death To Smoochy is, in many ways, a mess. But it’s a hugely entertaining and at times very funny mess that has the sheer chutzpah to feature a scene where a rip-off of Barney the dinosaur ends up performing at a Neo-Nazi rally