About Give Me Pity!

The tradition of the ‘television special’ was something of a staple in the 1960s and 70s, including such curious sights as Cher playing all the parts in West Side Story. These one-off specials were packed with bad jokes and impromptu dance routines, and feminist filmmaker Amanda Kramer’s new film takes great delight in hacking these tropes apart to produce a psychedelic nightmare delving into the very notion of identity.

Sophie von Halseberg stars as triple threat performer Sissy St. Claire, a Bette Midler lookalike given her own Saturday night TV special, one full of disco balls, glitter outfits and commercial breaks beamed straight from a shimmery analogue video world. But who’s that shadowy figure lurking behind the scenes? Is it a stalker? Or is it all in the actress’s imagination?