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About Kaleidoscope: Old School Days

We all remember our years at school or college, but were you part of the class that sat in the TV room every Tuesday morning? TV archivists Kaleidoscope present a nostalgic look back at schools television and early adult education shows between the 1960s and 1980s, featuring groundbreaking series such as Parosi and On The Move.


10am: Westward TV Schools Day opening film

10.10am: Advent of Steam - Iron Horse part 2 (Thames TV schools drama from 1971)

10.30am: Session 1 - Primary French, Anatomy of First Aid, Let’s Read With Basil Brush & On the Move

11.30am: Battleground (Edward Woodward teaches war gaming - 1978)

Midday: Merry Go Round - New Money Day (Muskit introduces new decimalisation - 1971)

12.20pm: Lunch

1pm: Paint Along with Nancy

1.30pm: Parosi (1977)

1.45pm: The Railway Age - Granada show about steam trains (1961)

2pm: Job Hunt - Tezzer (lost ATV schools drama from 1981)

2.45pm: Rules Rules Rules - Episode 20: Rules and the Generation Gap (1971 ATV schools drama including Michael Craze and Frazer Hines)

3pm: Session 3 - Tools of Cookery & I Am An Engineer: Building The M62

3.45pm: Signpost - A Round Up (1961)

4.10pm: Look and Read - Len and the River Mob (1968)

4.30pm: Play the Game Snooker with John Virgo (1974)

4.55pm: Closedown - Too Close for Comfort (Reg Varney film about driving safely)

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Duration includes trailers and adverts. For events such as NT Live, Colour Box and Reel & Meal there will be minimal advertising. We do not admit latecomers after the main feature has started and we have a limited food & drink policy. MAC’s cinema programme has been generously supported by BFI Film Audience Network and Film Hub Midlands.

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