About One Hand Don't Clap

Calypso music is central to Caribbean culture, providing a grounding point for communities to express themselves authentically, and One Hand Don’t Clap is a bright and energising cinematic look at Calypso’s importance.

Kavery Dutta Kaul’s documentary features insightful interviews from genre legends such as Calypso Rose and Lord Kitchener as they put their careers into perspective. The film gives us an insider’s look at the music’s presence and origins on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, where it emerged in the early 19th century.

Alongside this, One Hand Don’t Clap puts us straight in the lead-up to coronation of the Calypso Monarch in Trinidad in 1986, a first-hand account of its role in the community and the celebrations that surround it, featuring beautiful live performances of songs such as ‘Pan in A Minor’ and ‘Solomon’.

The screening will be preceded by a recorded introduction by director Kavery Dutta Kaul.