About Otto Baxter: Not A F**king Horror Story

Follow Otto Baxter, a 35-year-old man with Down Syndrome, over six years as he writes and directs a foul-mouthed, autobiographical comedy-horror-musical set in Victorian London. Otto, who has always struggled to explain how he feels, uses his film The Puppet Asylum to explore his birth, adoption and his epic battle with ‘The Master’ – an evil magician hell-bent on controlling his life.

During the filmmaking process Otto’s birth mother dies and he finds himself confronting life in the real world, including his future. Otto’s filmmaker friends Bruce Fletcher and Peter Beard help him to bring his vision to life, but also learn more about his unique perspective on the world and how they can play a role in his future.

The film will be followed by a screening of Otto’s 33 minute short film The Puppet Asylum.