About Second City Firsts: Jack Flea’s Birthday Celebration + Glitter

The career of Tara Prem, one of the first Asian people to work in mainstream British TV, spans three decades. Her vitally important work at Pebble Mill supported stories of under-represented people in Britain, working with writers such as Michael Abbensetts and actors Norman Beaton and Dev Sagoo. We are delighted to welcome Tara to the Square Eyes TV Festival to discuss her incredible work, much of it made right here in Birmingham.

Jack Flea’s Birthday Celebration (1976)
30 mins

When David’s parents visit, he reads to them his autobiographical novel about Jack Flea who lives with a woman twice his age and who decides to make him her fantasy child. Written by Ian McEwan and produced by Tara Prem.

Glitter (1976)
30 mins
Written by Tony Bicat and produced by Tara Prem, this provided one of the earliest roles for Toyah Willcox. ‘I want to be so famous that I’m a household name all over the world,’ says Willcox’s Sue, who eventually finds her way on to Top of the Pops.

The screening will be followed by a live onstage Q&A with producer Tara Prem.