Barbara Pianca

Barbara Pianca biography

I graduated in Sculpture BA (Hons) from the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, where I achieved a first class degree in 2013. I was actively involved in various artistic festivals, projects, symposiums and workshops. Since then I gained an extensive experience in teaching both adults and children. In 2014 I won the first prize in Section Promises - Young Artists Academy of Fine Arts - Italian Artists – Sculpture for V edition of Lìmenarte. I won with the work Fluttuando tra precipizi that was acquired by the Permanent Collection of the Public Chamber of Commerce of Vibo Valentia. I have been working at MAC since 2015.

I love working at MAC, helping people of any age to make sculptures or ceramics and spending a lovely time together. I love inspiring children to get creative and make cute sculptures and functional funny pots. There is no price in seeing a child happy and proud of what they made.  

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I had no experience of sculpting, I had worked with clay in the pottery class many years ago and had always marvelled at the wonderful sculptures in museums. Time to try my hand. It is amazing what students with little or no experience can accomplish under the guidance of Barbara our tutor. Any time I got stuck on something (how to use tools or sculpting eyes/ears) Barbara would give tips and tricks to fix it.  

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