Carl Sweeney

Carl Sweeney biography

Carl Sweeney is a PhD candidate at the University of Wolverhampton, researching television stardom. He has an MA in Film Studies from Wolverhampton, where he has taught classes on subjects including crime dramas, New Wave cinemas and high-end television. His recent scholarly publications include chapters in the books A Critical Companion to Steven Spielberg and A Critical Companion to Stanley Kubrick and a journal article about the film director Kathryn Bigelow. In his spare time, Carl enjoys podcasting about film and television. His main podcast project is The Movie Palace, which focuses predominantly on films from the Hollywood studio system. He is also one of the regular co-hosts on The X-Cast, a programme which analyses the classic television series The X-Files.

The Movie Palace:

The X-Cast: (Both podcasts are also available on Apple & Spotify)