David Wicks

David Wicks biography

I have been making pots since I was fifteen years old and I am inspired by museums and travel. I have an interest in historical ceramics, Middle Eastern and Oriental pots in particular, raku and bonfire firing. I specialised in wood-fired once-fire slipware in the past but now stick to stoneware and porcelain, considerably less complicated!

I hold a BA(hons) Art and Design from Manchester school of Art and a PGCE from Birmingham School of Art, Margaret Street.

I have experience of running a country pottery in the Cotswolds, this involved throwing plant pots, bread bins, jugs mugs and bowls and a wide range of domestic items. This work was fired in a 60 cubic ft. two chamber wood-fired kiln. 

I also spent twenty-eight years teaching Art in secondary schools including ceramics, photography, and information technology.

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