Hailey Brown

Hailey Brown biography

I was awarded BA Hons Music Composition at Coventry University in 2008. I play saxophone and guitar, I sing and I also teach vocals. I have a huge passion for musical theatre, song writing, storytelling and creative play.

I have been teaching musical theatre and costume making to young people for over 4 years at mac, this course gives children the space to express themselves creatively, they learn new skills, build character, make new friends and boost their confidence through fun, engaging improvisation.

The Musical theatre course looks at story making and telling through improvisational techniques, singing, dancing, stage awareness and props.

The Costume Making course aims to develop a childs’ imagination thinking about what a character would wear, what materials and textures, what props and how they would act. Inspiration comes from many sources, from the classical musicals that I introduce such as The Lion King to more contemporary characters such as Marvel Superhero’s and even Pokemon.