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Hazel Pitt is an analogue collage artist and an experienced teacher of graphic design in Further and Higher Education. With a Masters Degree in the area of Art and Psychology, she delivers collage courses which combine her passion for this medium with her knowledge of the mind. 

Her classes focus on the medium of collage as a pure art form, whilst also celebrating its obvious therapeutic qualities. She delivers Collage Workshops for Wellbeing both online and within the community and is a member of Birmingham Collage Collective. 

Hazel’s industrial experience includes working as a freelance graphic designer within the music industry during the 1980’s and 90’s, working for Polydor Records and Universal Studios. Her choice of medium in the creation of record sleeve designs and supporting promotional material, was hand generated collage.

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I attended Hazel's Collage Course last week, the second of which I have attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She began by giving us an overview of her own work experience in the art world and showed us examples of how she had used collage in her work. She then explained clearly and patiently how to make a collage, emphasising that it was our own piece of work and we could be free to be creative and do whatever we wanted. During the activity Hazel also came round to all of us individually, showed interest in our work, and also us as individuals, and encouraged us.

I got completely absorbed in the process of thinking about my subject and going through magazines finding images that suited, and losing myself in the creativity, whilst also socialising and talking to like - minded people. I found the task great, as it was a way of expressing my creativity, using images that were already there in an artistic way. I found it extremely relaxing and absorbing. I would encourage anyone to take part in this activity. Hazel's delivery is excellent and she has the ability to put everyone at ease and create a comfortable environment. More workshops please!

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