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I am a practising artist, specialising in oil-on-canvas painting. I have BA Honours and Masters degrees in Fine Art, and I also have teaching qualifications for adult education.

In my professional practice I specialise in oil-on-canvas paintings, and have gained increasing recognition for my urban-landscape paintings of Birmingham. I have exhibited widely (see my website for details) and have many paintings in private collections. Two of my paintings are displayed in the reception area of the Jury’s Inn Hotel in Broad Street, Birmingham.

As a tutor I have gained a great deal of experience in adult and community education, and I regard teaching as complementary to my work as a painter. I teach drawing and paintings skills across a wide range of mediums and techniques, and I enjoy introducing students to the work of contemporary and historical artists and movements. While all my teaching is based on termly themes, I encourage students to develop the work in their own way, and it is very satisfying to see how students interpret and build on my initial project.

It is my aim as a tutor to take a practical approach to art teaching. I seek to demystify the technical skills of painting and drawing, and have many strategies to enable students to achieve their aims for their work. I enjoy building a good rapport with my students and many of them return to my classes year after year, and there is always more to discover.

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