Kate Green

Kate Green biography

I’m a Birmingham based Photographer and Film Maker working in the Commercial, Social and Education sectors. After a successful career in marketing and project management I started my own photography business, kategreenphotog.com in 2006 expanding into film making in 2010.

My average week can range from product advertising and marketing promotional shoots, events, weddings, head-shot/portraits and documentary film or photography. However, my true passion is participatory photography and film making helping other people to shoot, share and learn and to realise their own creativity.

I love my work with every age and ability, from early learning to end of life and everyone in between.

Personally I love photographing people and hearing their stories but it’s that special moment when I see the pride in people’s faces at what they have created and the joy they get from learning new things that makes me appreciate how lucky I am to do the work I love.

I love working at MAC as it’s such a creative environment and perfectly placed in Cannon Hill Park for us to go out exploring with our cameras. No matter what time of the year it is there’s always something brilliant to shoot. With that and the great equipment that’s supplied - it’s the perfect learning environment. Every term is a pleasure to teach especially when I see how much people are getting out of their cameras, shooting, sharing and enjoying. You just can’t beat those ‘Eureka moments’ when someone says 'I finally get it!' or 'wow! so that’s what that button’s for!'

Kate Green

You have a clearly thought out structure to your courses which is evident when you introduce the content of each session.
As a consequence, you have enabled me to get more out of my camera, since I no longer use automatic programmes but prefer the aperture priority and manual modes, resulting in a marked improvement in how I take pictures and an increased enjoyment in the use of my camera.

Charle Weston - Course participant

Kate's Photo Socials on a Monday evening at MAC are the highlight of my week. You have affirmed, encouraged and inspired every single person who comes and it's a sheer delight to watch the quiet, insightful way in which you do this. I've been taking photos now for almost forty years and have attended other classes in the past. Yours, however, is truly exceptional and beats them all into a cocked hat. Many of my friends have commented how much my photography has come on since I started your Sessions - it's a real tribute to what you have done to help me re-energise and look again at life. Thank you so very much!

Simon - Course Participant

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