Samantha Krankpod

Samantha Krankpod biography

Samantha is a Birmingham born artist who specialises in ceramics and mixed media. She studied her Ceramics degree at Staffordshire University, home of the historical ‘Potteries’ in Stoke-on-Trent. Her work is inspired by nature which serves as a catalyst for her vibrant functional and decorative art pieces. 

Samantha leads and supports creative journeys for children, adults and families within community based and educational settings. Her most recent development within community arts has been creating ‘Krankpod Artpacks’ in response to Covid restrictions. These ‘at home’ art activities were regularly delivered to local families, which helped maintain creative connections at a time it was needed the most. 

Samantha’s bespoke art workshops are accessible and tailored to all abilities, she also has extensive experience working with participants requiring additional educational support.

Instagram: @krankpodworkshops / Facebook: Krankpod Workshops