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I am a qualified yoga teacher registered with the Independent Yoga Network. I am the principal of the Wordsley School of Yoga where I am qualified to train yoga teachers and the school is registered with the Independent Yoga Network. I have an interest in researching yoga, some of my work has been published in Yoga Magazine January 2005 and November 2006. I have taught yoga to groups and individuals for over 12 years in schools, hospitals, addiction centres and yoga festivals at Glastonbury and many other locations.

I love teaching yoga at mac because the students are intelligent and friendly and have a creativity of spirit which allows us to explore yoga.

Simon Hunt

I am about to register for my fifth term. I appreciate the style of teaching which presents ideas and movements allowing me to complete sequences and positions as well as I am able and for my own satisfaction. The atmosphere in the class is friendly and supportive and I am learning to let go of my thoughts and worries.

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