Sergiu Bechian, is a detail-orientated fashion designer and Visiting Lecturer at Birmingham City University at the Master Programme of Fashion and Textiles.

Being an alumnus of the West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, and Birmingham City University where he completed a second Master’s degree in Fashion Design, Sergiu throughout his more than 10 years of studying fashion design and textiles developed a strong pattern and sewing skill, which expanded his creativity and ability to envision all his ideas into real garment.

Sergiu is basing his design philosophy on evolutionary principles like variation and inheritance. He is always looking to evolve ideas and work on making things better. This exercise allows him to experience unexpected creative solutions in the mathematics of the soul through experimenting and playing while respecting the basic formula. In his case-the feminine silhouette. Sergiu Bechian’s crafts request as mathematics: rigour, meticulosity, precision, accuracy -all this mathematical thinking can be found in the decomposition and reconstruction, in the craftsmanship and artisanal aspect of his aesthetic.

Sewing and Dressmaking is often considered difficult and too methodical to be interesting. His course aims to demonstrate that it is neither of these things, it can be actually very creative, spontaneous, and individual.