Ceramics & Sculpture

Explore all things ceramics with our range of courses led by Artist Tutors - from sculpture and form, to wheelwork and throwing pots

Painting, Drawing & Print

Explore all of our painting and drawing courses- ranging from oil and watercolour work, to learning how to master drawing and print

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Jewellery & Glass

Learn with our tutors how to make your very own jewellery, as well as the techniques needed to create a finished piece of stained glass.

Music & Performance

From learning to play the piano to stand up comedy training, there's something here for all performance lovers

Health, Wellbeing & Fitness

Prioritise your health with some of these relaxing courses, ranging from Thai Chi to Hatha Yoga

Digital Arts & Film

Learn how to master photography, Photoshop and film making through these creative courses

Textiles & Craft

From Digital Textile Design to Textile Printing Techniques, learn how you can personalise your own clothing 

Dance & Performing Arts

Find the perfect dance or performance course for you this Autumn

Creative Writing & Literature

Learn how to properly articulate creative language in your writing and read for your wellbeing

For Young People

At MAC we have specialised courses available this season for young people, ranging from most courses above