Emulsion VII

Emulsion! A music festival that celebrates the adventurous spirit and the open mind! Centred around improvisation and new music Emulsion has a reputation for bringing together some of the UK's most adventurous performers and has premiered seventeen new works (two of which have won BASCA British Composer Awards).

Now in its 7th edition, Emulsion will be heading back to Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham for a two-day event. The evening concert on 2 November will present a myriad of small and large line-ups from the Emulsion Sinfonietta, featuring our special guest Alexander Hawkins. 

The afternoon event on 3 November is Clowes’ new immersive event ‘Emulsify’ (debuted at Emulsion VI) in which audience members can explore morphing between the roles of listener and performer with Emulsion members.

Across the festival you can experience a melding of contemporary musics, drawing from the jazz, classical and folk traditions. Featured composers include Anthony Braxton, Percy Pursglove, Trish Clowes, Bela Bartok, Nicola Lafanu, Alexander Hawkins, Donald Grant… as well as free improvisations from all the players.

An absorbing spectacle of multi-genre music that was both emotionally and technically compelling… brilliant, three-dimensional theatricality.

Matthew Wright, The Arts Desk