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Awkward Bastards II - Day 1: Sue Austin - Immersed in 360 

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9.15am - 4pm

Hands on introduction to 360 degree immersive technology.

In this workshop we will look at the history of 360 and look at how 360 imagery can create new levels of access to the arts, by making it possible for an immersive artwork to be viewed in an audience member's home, hospital or residential environment.

We will explore options with the participants about how they might use 360 capture and viewing technology as a way to expand their creative practice to new audiences.

Join us to discuss and discover ways that the participants might reach disabled audiences who wish to engage in the arts, but are unable to access mainstream arts venues due to physical and cognitive barriers.

Participants must have access to a smart device that they can use to view the 360 content that is filmed. Sue Austin will need to know what sort of smart device/phone the participants are bringing with them so that she can make sure everyone will be able to engage with the system.

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