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Awkward Bastards II - Day 2: Symposium 

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10.15 - 6pm

The symposium will feature artists' presentations, a live portrait painting by Tanya Raabe-Webber, a Radical Practices open mic session and two panel debates and keynote speeches focussing on underrepresentation, exclusion and invisibility.

Panel One - Framing Diversity

A panel considering different contexts for the representation of underrepresented artists and practices – what kind of frames do the institutional context of museums, galleries, theatres and festivals put around diverse artists and practices and what do those frames do and say? Do institutional frameworks for diverse practice perpetuate marginalisation and 'difference', in terms of artists, practices and audiences, or the opposite? Do we need to consider different kinds of institutional frameworks and what might they look like? What kind of freedoms, permissions and agency do artist-led or grass roots contexts offer that the institution cannot? What is at stake in these debates?

With a keynote provocation by Frances Morris, Director of Tate Modern

Panel Two - Pasts and Futures

A panel considering responsibilities to our pasts and our futures. How do we ensure that underrepresented artists and practices are represented in cultural histories? What kind of archival and legacy projects and approaches address issues of exclusion and invisibility? How do we rewrite and reclaim histories? How do we equally invest in the future? How do we support future generations of makers and cultural leaders in meaningful and instrumental ways?

With a keynote provocation by David A Bailey of the International Curators Forum.

ABsence is a collaboration with the Live Art Development Agency, London and mac Birmingham.

Image: Noemi Lakmaier - You Are Welcome Joy Stanley & Thomas Williams

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