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As part of MAC’s ongoing season focused on the ‘enfants terribles’ of the filmmaking world, allow Spike Lee to push all of your buttons with his incendiary 2000 satire Bamboozled. Starring Damon Wayans, Bamboozled sees a frustrated African American TV executive create a contemporary minstrel TV show in order to get himself fired, only to perversely watch the show and its two desperate stars become a wild ratings hit. More prescient by the year, Bamboozled is an indictment of racist attitudes that strikes at the very heart of American entertainment, eviscerating an industry that has built a large part of its riches upon vile caricatures of black people – something that continues today in a number of low-rent reality series that thrive on perpetuating black stereotypes. Adopting a scorched earth policy, Lee’s film lets nobody off the hook, and deserves reappraisal as a modern classic.

Part of MAC’s Les Enfants Terribles season, celebrating the talented rebels and agitators of the filmmaking world with a season of work from directors who have no problem at all pushing all of your buttons. From Rainer Werner Fassbinder to Marjane Satrapi to Spike Lee, these are 'les enfant terribles' of cinema, gleefully tackling incendiary topics whilst simultaneously ripping up the filmmaking rulebook. Curated by Elaine Lillian Joseph.

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MAC’s reopening cinema programme has been generously supported by BFI FAN Covid-19 Resilience fund from the National Lottery, through the BFI Film Audience Fund.

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