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'I introduce you to Elizabeth, from before she was a patient, 'A pauper lunatic'. Her story is in the records, in correspondence and diagnosis, I have imagined her between the pieces of paper that seem to make up her life until the facts become too clear. Until I can’t anymore. I chose a woman because their voices, working class women's were not heard, listened to. Because being dramatic, violent in temper, disagreeable in temperate, was distinctly unladylike.’ 

Francesca found Elizabeth in admission papers and returned envelopes while exploring Hatton Asylum’s archive as artist in residence. Fusing facts and lyrical language she tells Elizabeth's story alongside the history of one ‘County Asylum’ as an institution at the turn of the 20th century; Using the past to ask questions about class, privilege, social responsibility and the care systems we have in place now. 

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