Event Information

Drop in and out of any of the following performances in the BEDLAM showcase of scratch, works in progress, rehearsed readings and developed pieces

2pm: Mademoiselle F by Vanessa Oakes
Mademoiselle F can't stop thinking about polar bears. A new play exploring the links between mental health and the environment. 

3pm: Salvaged by Caroline Wilkes
A  journey to the bottom of the ravine as this woman's life unravels before her eyes and she finds herself trapped in a psychiatric hospital. With dark humour, raw honesty and a mind that is overflowing with stories and fragmented thoughts, she wrestles to find and hold onto those elusive threads of hope.

4pm: Hear Me by Louise Stokes and Nadeem Chughtai
Myra, and her darker ‘other self’ Arym have a complex and troubled relationship. Myra suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.). Her experience of life is chaotic, disjointed, patchy and often delusional, as she battles with the various aspects of herself, seeking a core self with which she may finally connect with the world.

5pm: Shifting The Dial by Lightpost Theatre Company
The latest showcase from Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s company Lightpost, a young company made of young black men between the ages of 18-26 from across the region. The company seeks to actively challenge some of the social stigmas and ideas associated with young black men, using theatre as a gateway to create new plays of social and historical importance.