Event Information

Free | Sat 25 & Sun 26 Sep| From 12pm

All performances have their own content warnings and age advisory and may not be suitable for younger audiences

Don’t Play with L(Kn)ives by Brooke Milliner - Content warning: parental guidance advised

Anywhere Is A Dance Floor by Jason Guest & Fatt Butcher - Suitable for: all ages

Unbecoming, Everything You’re Not by Aidan Yau, Shaq Shadare & Kadafi Mulula - Suitable for: all ages

Natal by Asnath Losala - Suitable for: all ages

Brum, Babysham, Bostin by Romy Ashmore-Hills - Content warning: contains explicit language and references to misuse of drugs

We Commuted Once A Day (Two, Three) by Tanna Chamberlain - Suitable for: all ages

Passing Time by Tyrone Williams - Suitable for: all ages

Take 1 by Devon Nelson - Suitable for: all ages

Birmingham International Dance Festival (BIDF), returns presenting a joyful, inspiring, celebration of dance and togetherness, ideal for young people and family audiences.

Drop in on the day and join us for BIDF celebrations.