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Award-winning troupe Improbotics presents Artificial Intelligence Improvisation, a tech-infused improv and science comedy show.

Human actors join artificial intelligence robots on a surreal trip in augmented reality, where the robots literally take control of the show. Some improvisers are controlled by artificial intelligence chatbots: will they pass the Turing Test?

Misunderstandings and deception make for a hilarious improvised “Comedy of Speech Recognition Errors”. 

“Groundbreaking Work” (Fringe Review 2022) “high quality comedy theatre […] this is a piece of work that poses serious philosophical questions”

If I had seen a show like that as a kid, I would have paid more attention to science class.

Phoenix Remix 2019

Most Innovative Show Award.

Binge Fringe 2020

Boundary-pushing science plus talented meatbags equals a standout improv Fringe experience.

Edmonton Fringe Review 2018

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