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How far would you go for a better life?

Driven by the desire for a brighter future, three equally desperate people unknowingly take the biggest gamble of their lives. Their story is one of strength and defiance in the face of adversity.

Inspired by true accounts of modern slavery, and told through a dynamic fusion of dance, theatre, aerial acrobatics, music and projection, JUSTICE IN MOTION presents a compelling and thought-provoking tale of dreams and broken promises, of hope, optimism and resilience among harrowing circumstances.

Justice in Motion is a company making waves, and invites people on an emotional rollercoaster. Their work is a captivating and passionate mixture of creativity and content, which creates an extraordinary, entertaining and most memorable experience.

Recommended age: 14+

Website and more information: www.justiceinmotion.co.uk

This performance will be followed by a Q&A

Despair and compassion with moving brilliance

Oxford Times

Captivating, thought provoking, harrowing, raw, brave... an absolute triumph, thank you!

Audience member

Content note: this piece deals with issues around human trafficking and exploitation. There is some strong language, explicit visual references to acts of physical and sexual violence (including rape) and semi-nudity. There is smoking on stage during the performance. There are several moments in which the lights flicker. This should not trigger photo-sensitive epilepsy or other similar conditions. Music is loud throughout.

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