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Electrifying New Dance-Circus From Motionhouse

Inspired by the role of electricity in the human body, Motionhouse’s exhilarating new multi-media show Charge is about energy. From the electrical charge that sparks human life, to the beating of our hearts and the memories we make, six performers use dance and acrobatics to delve deep into the human body, tracing the incredible story of energy in our lives. Digital projections create a world on stage where dancers and images interact seamlessly, bringing to life stories of energy in our own bodies and humans as energy manipulators. In an exciting fusion of art and science, Motionhouse has worked with partners from the University of Oxford on the role of electricity in the human body to inspire the show. Charge is the third element of Kevin Finnan’s ‘Earth Trilogy’, developing on themes explored in Scattered (2009) and Broken (2013) about our relationship with water and the Earth. Charge is currently touring in the UK and Europe during the company’s 30th anniversary year.

Utterly mesmerising… one of the best things I’ve ever seen on stage. See it!

BBC Radio Manchester

A slick and fast-moving production ★★★★


Full of magic and brilliantly performed dance and acrobatics... outstanding ★★★★★

Ladies Take On

The strength and power of the dancers is without question and yet they are also capable of intense gentleness in which a touch to the shoulder or a hand on an arm can express the importance of human connection

Weekend Notes

Moments of excitement leave the audience gasping in awe

Culture Whisper

New, fresh and exciting… technically brilliant

Carpe Diem Emmie