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Pickled Image: Coulrophobia  

This event is now closed
  • Duration75
  • Price-
  • Age-

Fri 4 Nov | 8pm | Tickets £10 (£8) | Foyle Studio | Age 16+
Contains nudity and some strong language

Dik and Adam are Clowns! They couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag, let alone a surreal cardboard world. Why are they there and what are they supposed to be doing? They know something sinister is afoot (wearing really big shoes …) and they need to get out before it’s too late. Join them on a ridiculous, anarchic, often hysterical and sometimes terrifying quest for freedom.

A 75-minute show featuring slapstick, mime, puppetry and a LOT of cardboard.
Contains disappointing nudity and some language better suited to those aged 16+

Find out more about Pickled Image on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

“Coulrophobia – fear of clowns” is one of the sickest things I have seen on a stage. It is an unrestrained display of theatrical madness I can promise you have never experienced before.”

Kristian Redvand, Five on the Dice

"Masterful clown-play. The term ‘fear of clowns’ is lifted to a completely new level after the latest masterpiece from Pickled Image."

Even Biering-Strand

"Coulrophobia is a truly fantastic exploration of the limits of clowning."

Helena Jackson

A note from the director...

John Nicholson ~ Artistic Director of Peepolykus

Coulrophobia started life with a three pronged challenge from Pickled Image: to make a show that constantly felt like it was about to derail; to make a show that had a very antagonistic relationship with puppetry (from one of the UK’s foremost puppet companies) and lastly, to exploit the premise that clowns are scary. Oh, and also to make a show that wouldn’t survive beyond previews.

Well, as it turns out, we didn’t deliver on the final challenge. But during the show’s creation we meticulously persisted with the other aims. Pickled Image always strive to challenge themselves artistically. And that admirable aim was always bubbling away somewhere amongst the cardboard creations in the rehearsal room. However, from day one, the two performers were embalmed in full clown regalia and on top of that, were increasingly succumbing to their own paranoia that their existence was being manipulated by a psychotic puppet. So there was no hope that this show would ever come close to being serious. Or indeed, that the performers would ever stand a chance of protecting themselves from baring all.

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