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Contemporary Craft Markets 

With a huge history of successful Christmas Craft Fairs here at mac birmingham and a phenomenal number of local designer makers, our spring and summer craft fairs continue this success. With a multitude of stalls and an exclusive selection of products including ceramics, jewellery, paintings, and craft items.

The Spring and Summer Craft Markets take place on the first Sunday of each month from 11am - 5pm.

Designer makers on Sunday 2 October will be:

David Towers | Wood |
Michelle (Shelli) Graham | Painting/Photography/Print |
Robert Geoghegan | Painting/Photography/Print |
Alison Perry | Jewellery |
Naomi Palmer | Ceramic |
Rebecca Cowley | Jewellery|
Helen Wilson | Paper/Books |
Ken Hurd | Painting/Photography/Print |
Anna Backman | Jewellery |
Chris Hughes | Metalwork |
Jane Anderson | Painting/Photography/Print |
Margareta Goreta-Rakowska |Painting/Photography/Print |
Natalie Anne Robinson | Painting/Photography/Print |
Lydia Wolsey | Jewellery |
Sarah Whapples | Glass |
Sian Hughes | Jewellery |
Jo Newman | Glass |
Clare Wainwright |
Clare Harrision | Ceramic |
Harriet Dufficy | Terrariums |
Kate Phipps | Jewellery |
Claire Brierley | Painting/Photography/Print |
Robert Mercer | Wood |
Amanda Glanville | Jewellery |
Emma Hardicker | Painting/Photography/Print |

Featured Designer Maker - Rebecca Cowley

Working Clasp Jewellery and accessories are designed and produced in Birmingham by Rebecca Cowley, a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Textile Design Course at U.W.E. Rebecca developed an interest in the lasercutting process after graduating, becoming drawn to the technique in which she could develop endless possibilities and applications. After making various pieces of jewellery for friends and family, she to set up the label Working Clasp to offer a range of eye catching and distinct lasercut and etched pieces to a wider audience. Some of her work contains culturally symbolic silhouettes that are often utilised to make witty statement pieces.

“I find inspiration for my work from a combination of drawing and found imagery and like to use sections of my drawings as a starting point. I am always working on new designs combining various materials such as veneers, vinyls and fabrics to create bespoke collage pieces.” Find out more here.

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