Event Information

Based on English National Ballet’s 2021 stage production, Creature is a genre-busting collaboration between Asif Kapadia and the Olivier Award winning choreographer Akram Khan.

In a dilapidated former Arctic research station, Creature (Jeffrey Cirio) is unknowingly enlisted by a military brigade into an experimental programme. He is tested and experimented on by a zealous Doctor (Stina Quagebeur) for his mental and physical ability to adapt to extreme cold, isolation and homesickness. Creature meets and falls in love with Marie (Erina Takahashi), a cleaner who shows him kindness and compassion. But the remorseless Army is led by the violent Major (Fabian Reimair) who becomes obsessed with Marie and offers her passage from the doomed planet. 

This vivid cinematic experience is a beautiful, tragic tale of an outsider’s search for belonging, the insatiable desires of the powerful, and the enduring hope found in human connection and compassion.

The screening will be followed by a live onstage Q&A with director Asif Kapadia.

Duration includes trailers and adverts. Please note that we do not admit latecomers after the main feature has started and we have a limited food & drink policy. See more information about Relaxed Screenings here. MAC’s cinema programme has been generously supported by BFI Film Audience Network and Film Hub Midlands.