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One of Brian De Palma’s most controversial and divisive films, Dressed to Kill cemented his reputation as the twisted heir to Alfred Hitchcock. 

Unfulfilled and frustrated, Kate Miller (Angie Dickinson) visits her Manhattan psychiatrist, Dr. Elliott (Michael Caine) to discuss her growing marital problems. Soon, she crosses paths in the most terrifying way imaginable with a prostitute, Liz (Nancy Allen), and their fate becomes intertwined with the sinister presence of a mysterious leather-clad blonde wielding a cutthroat razor.

De Palma has often been accused of misogyny within his work, and Dressed To Kill doesn’t do much to contradict that, whilst also offering up some rather dated opinions about transgender characters. Yet De Palma’s work never strives towards realism. This is heightened reality, playing on genre tropes and going to places Hitchcock never could because of the era in which he was making films. De Palma gleefully picks up the baton and throws everything at the wall. Luckily, even in the year 2019, most of it sticks.

Warning! Contains violent scenes and some dated attitudes towards transgender issues.

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