Event Information

Foyle Studio and MAC Foyer | Free, drop-in

Come and play! Discover the amazing world of Fabulous Sound Machines in this hands-on and interactive music making exhibition, brought to you by Eye Music Trust.


An amazing experience of colour and sound that you control yourself.

Several movement sensors using laser technology can be controlled with hands, feet or head to create music and intense colour together. A bit like playing an “air-guitar” you can move your hands in the air over the sensors and control musical sounds. You can control a rock band, Eastern gongs, piano, techno - and at the same time create all the colours of the rainbow in a magical curving space. Other sensors include touch-paintings that you move your hands over to create colour and music and floor sensors where you can dance and jump to control percussion.  Also in the theatre is another Fabulous Sound Machine called “Bimetallic” - metal rods that you can strike and bend to control amazing sounds. 

MAC FOYER | Sat - Fri

Discover three other Fabulous Sound Machines that you can play and explore... 

  • A Giant Bottle Organ where you can create your own music on bottles with wooden keys to operate.
  • A Kaleidochord where a keyboard operates little toys and found objects instead of strings.
  • A Two-Slate Scrape where you can create new sounds with pulley wheels and slate pieces.

Fabulous Sound Machines are created by Eye Music Trust with funding from Arts Council England.