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Flamenco Improvers  

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  • TutorStephanie Ratkai
  • Price-
  • Age18+
  • LevelImprovers

Mon 16 Apr 2018, 7.15pm - 8.30pm | 12 wk term £100 (£90) | 18+ | Improvers

Extend your repertoire of dances and improve your technical skills and performance technique in this improvers class.

Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for adults (male & female) aged 18+ years. This is an improvers course for those with one to two years’ experience. The class is intended for those who can pick up a routine with reasonable ease, have mastered basic technique and are familiar with some of the more basic steps.

The choreographies are longer and more difficult than in Flamenco Beginners and the class moves at a quicker pace.

Flamenco dancing requires flexibility in your hands and shoulders. There is also some impact on leg joints, particularly the knees and this class demands a reasonable amount of stamina.

What will you learn on this course?

This course will build on what is taught in Flamenco Beginners, teaching you how to refine your technique, increase your dance repertoire and increase your confidence as a performer. All classes are accompanied by up to three live guitarists.
Each class will involve work on improving technique such as posture, footwork and turns, arm and hand movements and body work. You will also spend time working on a choreography. This course will also continue work on your performance technique, how to ‘project’ a dance, styling and expression of mood.

The aim of this improvers course is to build up a repertoire of choreographies to performance standard, and will include the more complicated flamenco forms such as bulerias, alegrias and soleá. Some of these forms will require props such as fans, shawls and hats. Choreographed routines may be taught over more than one term through demonstration, practice, repetition and correction as necessary. You will be expected to remember more than one choreography from term to term while revising previously learnt routines.

By attending this course you can expect to develop a greater understanding of flamenco forms ('palos') and rhythmic structure ('compás'). You will understand the building blocks of a flamenco routine with a view to being able to perform a short improvisation and be able to perform a choreographed
routine with confidence.

Do you need to bring anything?
All students must wear suitable shoes, a low block heel shoe, not trainers or stiletto-type shoes. At this level students normally buy specialist flamenco shoes available from on-line Spanish suppliers (£90-120 for a good quality pair) however a ‘character’ shoe from a dance supply retailer is acceptable.

Female students also usually buy a flamenco practice skirt available from on-line Spanish suppliers from £35 upwards.

Are there any additional costs?

You must provide suitable shoes and clothing at your own expense.

Who teaches this course?

Stephanie Rátkai

Please note: Terms run wc Mon 24 Apr 2017 | Half Term break (no session) wc Mon 29 May 2017 | End of Term, Final sessions wc Mon 17 Jul 2017 *

*We advise participants to keep the day and time of the course free for Half Term and the week following the end of term free for replacements sessions that may be required due to tutor illness or exceptional circumstances.