Event Information

11am – 7pm | Continuous repeat: drop in anytime | Hexagon Theatre | FREE 

With 91% of the UK population owning a TV set by 1969, more people than ever before were able to keep up with the progress of Apollo 11’s epic mission from the comfort of their very own homes. Television cameras were on hand to capture some stellar moments in the Space Race story — but there’s also a very special behind-the-scenes angle that these big-scale broadcasts often missed.

We’ve set ourselves the pleasurable task of sifting through more than six decades of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s unparalleled online archive. From this great galaxy of material, we’ll assemble a rolling programme of footage and images which offer some fascinating, rarely seen and little known perspectives on the Moon landings and the people who made them happen.

Alongside these hidden treasures, we’ll also share some of the most iconic and celebrated views of the Apollo 11 mission and the public responses to this landmark moment in human history.