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In a small attic, packed in hundreds of cereal boxes, lies the life's work of Delia Derbyshire - the unsung genius behind the Doctor Who theme tune and trailblazer of electronic music. Join Noctium as they explore this fascinating tale of the mother of modern music. Using strange sounds and weird wobbulations, Noctium brings you a sonic experience your ears won’t believe.

Hymns for Robots mixes Noctium’s unique heightened performance style with analogue and digital music to bring you an extraordinary life that was almost forgotten.

This performance features live captioning and is accessible for d/Deaf/hard of hearing audiences. To access the captioning, please download ‘The Difference Engine’ app to your smartphone.

Constantly engaging and charming. Hymns for Robots is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Broadway Baby

A lovely homage to the pioneer of electronic music with an excellent live score

Audiophile Radio Show

Super smart patch work creation of the life of electronic pioneer Delia Derbyshire

The Stage